mercredi 7 avril 2010

La citation du jour

Elle est due à un certain Warren Ellis, qui parle de voyage spatial habité :

"The second good reason is why the Chinese space programme may not, in the final analysis, galvanise any one into kick starting human space flight initiatives: because the Chinese will probably end up going to the Moon robotically, and robots don't make our metaphorical nipples stand up. Well, not unless we're one of those creepy techs from Japan hellbent on constructing android whores in the near term.

Wired may be the wrong place to say this, but robots going places is not as exciting as humans going places. The only people clamouring for space launches to Mars to recover the wandering robot skateboard currently stuck in a sandtrap there are, well, the people who want to make it their android whore. And when your Martian explorer is not exploring any more because it's stuck in a sandtrap, it means you've sent a skateboard to do the job of a human."

C'est tiré de son dernier edito dans Wired.

4 commentaires:

JayWicky a dit…

Son plaidoyer pour le retour des Thunderbirds à la télé est assez formidable aussi :

Nikolavitch a dit…

fais gaffe, si tu dis "thunderbirds" trois fois, tu fais apparaitre le grand méchant Manticore.

JayWicky a dit…

Mais si on remplace par Lady Pénélope ou Les Sentinelles de l'Air, ça ne compte pas, non ?

Nikolavitch a dit…

le Manti ne se laisse pas avoir par de si patauds subterfuges.